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                Our family LOVES Labradors and we know you will too! 

Our dogs are part of our family and all of our puppies are well socialized and loved daily by me, my husband, and our 4 children. We specialize in breeding only the finest Labrador Retrievers to become your best pet ever! All of our dogs are health certified and have had their hips and elbows x-rayed with OFA excellent or good ratings. We have a health guarantee for all of our puppies. Call now to reserve a puppy and make it a part of your family. 


Why we love Labrador Retrievers and believe that they will become your best pet ever...

     It's no wonder Labrador Retrievers have, for the past several years, been in the top spots for most popular breeds of dogs. Labs are intelligent and have gentle, playful, family-friendly personalities. Labrador Retrievers instinctively want to please their masters. Hence making them excellent guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, trusted hunting partner, or simply beloved companion and best friend for life. Their webbed paws help them to be great swimmers. Their acute retrieval abilities allow them to be easily trainable as a valuable hunting companion or a great buddy to play catch and fetch with. 

      Whether you're looking to add another family member to your home or train a working dog, we believe a Labrador Retriever is the right choice.

Some of



Our puppies

love to swim!

chocolate puppies frolicking about.

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